Ocean Plaskets





from beach garbage to rope baskets
My foray into making baskets was accidental, I pick up rope and plastic off the beaches on Hornby Island. Every year over 9 million metric tons of plastic wash up on our shores, most of it connected to the fishing and aquaculture industries. Rope and plastic in the ocean is a threat to marine wildlife. Instead of throwing it into the landfill, could be upcycled to create something beautiful?

Yes … baskets … Ocean Plaskets!

Process: The found rope is stripped into pieces, washed, stretched and then stitched together.

A twisted piece of marine rope is transformed into a beautiful basket.

My work represents my concern about the profusion of plastic in our world, a way of sharing my love for the ocean and our need to care for the environment.

I am hoping to inspire people to the possibility of renewal and to look after the earth.

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Ocean Plaskets – Salvaged Rope